Girls Night Out

The first time Beverly Donofrio accompanied her mother to her weekly bingo night, she was shocked. Instead of finding a group of genteel older ladies showing one another pictures of their grandchildren, she found what she calls “bingo cronies” in a smoke-filled hall. The players were competitive, cranky, and impatient. “Not all of them are rude,” explained Beverly's mother. “But a majority of them are.” Five years later, Beverly gave it another shot, and this time it was different. She discovered the joy of playing bingo at her mother’s side.
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Looking for Mary

This documentary examines the phenomenon of men and women experiencing visions of the Virgin Mary from Donofrio’s intimate perspective. Producer David Isay, associate producer Stacy Abramson and writer Donofrio take listeners to apparition sites around the country—from New York and California to Georgia and Arizona—speaking to people who believe they are communicating with the Blessed Mother.
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