Interviews with Beverly Donofrio

Astonished: An Interview With Beverly Donofrio in Huffington Post

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Ave Maria

Listen to Beverly Donofrio describe her pilgrimage to Mexico from Los Angeles and how it relates to her memoir, Looking for Mary, or The Blessed Mother and Me.
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Adventure on the First Day of Kindergarten

With another school year upon us, we hear the story of a first day at kindergarten that started with trepidation and ended with unexpected excitement.

Beverly Donofrio is the author of the memoir Riding in Cars With Boys a memoir of growing up as the self–described “wild child” in an Italian working class neighborhood.
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Looking for Mary

Host Renee Montagne talks to writer Beverly Donofrio about her search for faith in her new book, Looking for Mary. (5:30)
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Rapes Stir up Controversy Over Justice in Mexico

Over the past few months, three American women have been raped in a Mexican town known for being an expatriate haven. Locals are upset because the foreigners are trying to force the government to take action when, they say, this happens to Mexicans all the time and no one does anything.
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