Thank You, Lucky Stars

Middle–grade book, ages 9–12

Thank You, Lucky Stars

It’s the first day of fifth grade, and Ally is psyched. She and her best friend, Betsy, are in the same class, and have already planned on singing in the annual talent show together. But it’s not long before she sees that Betsy has made a new best friend, and Ally is no longer on her radar screen. Not to mention that the weird new kid, Tina, has glommed on to Ally.

In this phenomenally accurate and readable portrayal of the trials and tribulations of fifth grade, readers will watch a quirky, sensitive, and extraordinarily likeable girl try to survive. Narrated in Ally’s distinctive first person voice, Thank You, Lucky Stars beautifully illustrates that it is possible to be unpopular, individualistic, nice, and still have fun.


[Donofrio] offers a sometimes painfully realistic look at the trials and terrors of fifth grade, and the difference a kind adult (in this case, the principal) can make in a shy girl’s life. She also offers a heartwarming portrait of the struggle to choose between the “in” crowd and loyalty to a true friend.
Buffalo News

“compellingly realistic story…will be popular with Judy Blume and Stargirl fans.”
The Horn Book Magazine

“Charming from fork to finish.”
Kirkus Reviews